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I am always amazed what God has in store for us, usually without our even knowing what we need or want.

 I was talking to a friend, Jo, a week ago and she happened to mention an updated version of the traditional Hawaiian healing method of ho’oponopono. This basically means to make things right, a process for “repentance, forgiveness and transmutation” into love.

What amazes me about this is that I studied the traditional method while living in Hawaii. It requires other people involved in the issue and a facilitator. I never resonated with it. This one, however, one can do alone. I can do this, I think to myself. The amazing part, for me, is that it brings me back to Hawaii, a way to make closure for the years my adult children and I lived and worked together, now that we are embarking to this next step, separating from each other.

So, once again, God brings us back to what we need, and for me, it is the missing piece before I can fully embrace my calling as a healer. Here’s why? Read the rest of this entry »


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