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It’s time again for another remote group qigong healing session: Sunday, May 2nd, 10-11 a.m. !

If you want a general overview about qigong, please go to my December 6, 2009 blog in Archives.

In a group healing session, I will sit comfortably, breathing deeply to bring myself into a meditative healing state. I ask the participant to do the same thing – find a comfortable position, breath down and relax. I go through the same process whether I am with the person, on the phone, or sending remote healing.  I will request healing for the person by name, make any requests they have, then the healing begins.

I never know what transpires in these sessions. I leave that up to Spirit. That’s why the client’s feedback is important and serves a dual purpose. It confirms whether their experience correlates with mine. And,  it allows the client to bring the experience into consciousness.  Awareness is key, as is participating in the healing process.

I also never know how long the sessions will take, although they generally last 30-40 minutes. Of course, the larger the group, the more time I will need to place everyone’s name and requests into the healing circle. I know when to stop because the energy leaves me.  It is important to know that while the energy leaves me as a signal to stop, the healing continues another 24-36 hours for the participants.

For best healing results, please follow guidelines below:

  • Eat light one hour before healing
  • Hydrate before and after healing
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes
  • Best to be indoors so you are not distracted by outside elements
  • Find a place where you are not disturbed. That means turning off your cell phone and all other electronic equipment
  • Be quiet and relax at least several hours after healing
  • Feedback and q&a in Comments Section helps to build support network. Please use initials or first names for confidentiality. Everything will be held in strictest confidence.

*These sessions DO NOT replace seeing a physician or a licensed psychotherapist for trauma treatment. In fact,  you need to seek such treatment to deal effectively with your symptoms.

Push is the novel written by Sapphire and was the inspiration for the movie Precious. The character of Precious Jones is a conglomerate of many stories Sapphire heard while she lived in Harlem. It is not about one particular person.

I have not read Push yet; however, I had the privilege of listening to Sapphire speak a week ago at the Central Library in Los Angeles. I do plan to read Push because of what Sapphire said during the presentation. Read the rest of this entry »

The next remote group healing session will be on Sunday, May 2nd, 10-11 a.m., Pacific Time.

Healings never cease to amaze me! Every one is different, and I never know until it begins what Spirit will bring forth.

Last time, I spoke one person’s name and received healing and a message. The group did not formulate until the end. This time, I was guided to place all the participants and their requests so that the group would be complete before the healing took place.

Last time, I received messages for individuals. This time, what appeared was guidance for the group. Read the rest of this entry »

A reminder that I will be doing a remote group trauma healing this Sunday, April 11, 10-11 a.m. Next month, we are back to the first Sunday of the month. For those of you who had signed up for April 4th, I thank you for understanding the change of date and time.

Please scroll down to read or re-read guidelines for the optimum healing experience. And, remember, please sign in under Group Healing Page or click on left column under Group Trauma Healing.

Be with you on Sunday!

Due to Easter Sunday, the remote group trauma healing will take place this coming Sunday, April 11th, from 10-11 a.m., Pacific Time.

The usual time for these sessions are the first Sunday of the month unless there is a religious or national holiday. For more logistical information, you can go to the Healing Group Page.

Also, in my December 6, 2009 blog, I gave a general overview about qigong – its historical and cultural context, the coördination between breathing and movement, and some of its benefits. So, I won’t cover the same ground. If you wish to review this information, please refer to the above blog in the December Archives.

The purpose of this blog is to tell my story about how I learned that I was a qigong healer.

Read the rest of this entry »

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