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There is more and more violence in the world than ever before, or is it because of the internet that the truth will out? What was easier to cover up in the past can no longer be contained. And, it is only when violence of any kind is exposed that we are given the opportunity to make much needed changes.

This is what happened to me when I was dx with cancer in 2011. In the blink of an eye, my life, and that of my children, was irrevocably changed. Yet, in the midst of my shock and anxiety about this rare form of cancer, I was given a vision my first morning in the hospital. I turned on the t.v. and switched to the meditation channel. I watched as scenes of the most beautiful places on earth flashed before my eyes, accompanied by meditation music. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I was thinking, “I’m not ready to die yet. I still want to see all these beautiful places before I go”.

Immediately, I felt a sense of love, first surrounding me, then penetrating my whole being – mind, body, soul. I left my body, and when I came back into consciousness, it was two hours later. I had no idea what had happened to me – not consciously, at any rate. I knew that I had been given the experience of Divine Love. And the message that came into my mind was, .” This is not about being a healer; it is about life and death. Love is the power to heal”!

I didn’t realize then, but know now that when I said “I’m not ready to die yet….” I had actually invoked a prayer, letting God know that I was choosing to live. This vision happened one other time over the next few months. Even though I didn’t get a spontaneous cure, I miraculously lost all sense of fear about dying. I was ready to do what needed to be done to heal.

The second dx, two years later, showed that the cancer recurring, this time in the liver. And, I was thrown into a dark place. I did not get visions this time, and even though I recalled these last two visions, I was scared – not so much that I would die, but that I didn’t know whether or not I had the strength to undergo more treatment with all its debilitating side effects. It’s taken 10 months, with the tumor increasing 4 months ago, yet the latest PET Scan shows it shrinking by half a centimeter. I have 2.7 more centimeters to be cancer free. This time around, I was thrown into the “dark night of the soul” as Catholics would say, or “the void” as Taoists would say. And, I had to slowly climb out. With my faith in God and with love and support of my family, I am coming along. This time around, the lesson for me was to learn to “know love” through my own perseverance and courage to spiritually know Love. You see, the vision this time, became an intellectual exercise. I had to go through this second time to really receive this love into my being. Truthfully, I’m not fully there yet, and I’m coming along.

To say that a dx of cancer is traumatic is understating the obvious.  When I read Einstein’s letter to his daughter on fb, I recalled my vision and felt affirmed about my life journey. In sharing my story and his letter, my hope is to help others undergoing trauma of any kind find their “forgotten peace”.


One of my fb friends put this on his timeline. I have nothing but admiration for these women to come forth and take a stand against their rapist. It is so hard to do, not only because there is great shame for the victim, but also because of the way society, unfortunately, still looks at rape. It is also why it is still so rampant – because we let people get away with it – and because it’s easier to blame the victim.

Please read and share this with everyone!

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