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On Friday, September 3, 2010, between 8:30-10 a.m., I will be presenting “Healing Child Sexual Abuse Through Qigong” in Hollywood, CA. The conference itself runs from Wednesday, Sept.1-Sept. 3, 2010.

This is a collaborative conference sponsored by California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. 700 participants have registered already.

Qigong not only heals symptoms from child sexual abuse, it is effective for all types of trauma.

This workshop entails:

  • Introduction to qigong concepts and how it heals trauma
  • Experiential group exercise to demonstrate integrating counseling/qigong
  • Processing, Q&A

This is an announcement to those on my FB, Twitter, Linkedin accounts to let them know of my presentation.  I would appreciate your sharing this information with others who are part of your network.

Also, watch for subsequent blogs re my experiences at the conference.

Thank you!


Our society tends to see the obvious. It’s easier to see something that’s in our faces. Even then, humans have a propensity to see only what they want to see. In terms of trauma, we are finally realizing that the survivor needs help. I’m glad to say that help is more forthcoming, that the medical and mental health professions are taking trauma more seriously.

Our society, however, doesn’t see the subtleties, the less obvious. What I’m addressing here is  the secondary effects of trauma on family and friends.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize that these are victims of trauma as well!

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