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I attended the final free lecture on Jung’s Red Book at Hammer Museum in Los Angeles last Friday, May 28th.  Due to its explicit illustrations of his dreams, Jung’s family held off publishing until 50 years after his death. Jack Kornfield and Katie Sanford presented at the Red Book Dialogues.

Jack Kornfield is the premier American teacher of Buddhism, and his talk centered around Buddhism and psychology.

Katie Sanford is a certified Jungian analyst, having studied in the Jung Institute in Zürich, Switzerland as well as the Los Angeles Institute where she got her certification in 1978.

She is the subject of my blog, a phenomenal 93-year-old woman who is still vibrant and continues to see psychotherapy clients at present!  Her book, The Serpent and the Cross, was published when she was 89 years old.

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The first married couple to receive a Pulitzer Price for the above award-winning book, Nicholas and Sheryl traveled all over the world speaking to women who have been oppressed, abused, tortured, raped, and mutilated. In their own words, these women tell of their oppression, ranging from sex trafficking, genital mutilation, beatings, and how they were able to overcome their trauma and make a good life for themselves, their families, and for some, their communities.

Half the Sky portrays the courage and strength of women against all odds. It speaks mainly to the plight of women in third world countries. While I am in no way diminishing the effects of abuse in this country, I am in awe that these women were able to prevail given rampant harsh conditions in whole countries – poverty, starvation, inadequate and, sometimes, no health care, plus strong cultural traditions that serves to mutilate and dehumanize them.

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After seeing the movie Precious and hearing Sapphire at a book signing, I had to read the book, Push. I wanted to see if the movie followed the spirit of the book.

While the movie did follow its spirit, I found the book to be much more descriptive in its depiction of the sexual abuse. The narrator in the book was Precious. The reader got a much clearer picture of what goes through the mind of a child being raped, being molested. Precious, in her own words, describes her pain, her confusion, and her anger.  She didn’t understand what was happening to her, or why. Read the rest of this entry »

The requests for healings this time were for prosperity, family trauma, self-esteem and physical ailments.

Prosperity, especially issues with finances, is a collective trauma now, playing out in different ways for each of us. I know it’s challenging; however, if you can think of the things that are going well in your life and give thanks for them, you can start to shift the consciousness from scarcity to prosperity. Also, deal with whatever past issues that have caused this fear around scarcity. This issue is in the second chakra, your relationship to the world outside of yourself.

Re family trauma, remember that when one person in the family goes through any kind of trauma, the whole family is impacted as well. We all deal with this in different ways. What I got for those who are undergoing this, the most important thing is to take care of yourself. And, for those who are sensitive to others’ energies, please find a way to release others’ ailments when they’re not yours. Imagining a white light around you can help with that.

Self-esteem is in the third chakra. Blocks in this area show up when you don’t believe that you are worthy or deserving. Know you anyone who is on this earth is worthy, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. It is the little child in you that somewhere along the way was told in so many ways that no matter what you did, you weren’t good enough. You need to learn to parent your child the way you give nurturing and love to your children, or to others. Sit and imagine the adult you speaking to your “child”. The trick is that this little one needs to start to believe you, and that will take time.

For those with leg ailments, this is part of the first chakra, your foundation, if you feel safe where you live. Take a look at what’s going on with your life to see what you don’t feel safe about and what you need to do to change that.

Thank you for the privilege of sharing this healing with you. Again, please give me feedback in the Comment Section below.

Next healing may not be the first Sunday of June as I might be away. I will confirm the date with you as soon as I can.

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