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article-2290831-188A3759000005DC-969_310x456I had forgotten that I started this draft in July and never finished, but I wanted to publish it anyway. Please note that I will have a more up-to-date blog very soon!

Some things haven’t changed with my trip to Alaska. While I still fight fatigue, I realize that there are times that I have more energy, that I feel almost “normal”.

And, I am still dealing with acid reflux. It is constant now, on a daily basis.  Even though I had this condition on and off after the last bout with cancer, I’m not sure exactly when this became an everyday thing.  I think it was several months after the surgery. So, I am even more careful with what I eat, when I eat and the amount. It feels like any little deviation can set it off.

There are times that I despair I will ever fully heal, that the acid reflux in the intestinal area might cause the tumor to return. Mind you, I have no scientific proof that this condition has anything to do with the cancer.  That doesn’t stop me from worrying.

And then I read Until I Say Good-Bye, by Susan Spencer-Wendel. She contacted amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s Disease, at age 44. This disease is irreversible and systemically destroys the nerves that control the muscles in the body. With a prognosis of one year of remaining health, she chose to live it with joy.

It put my fears and worries into perspective. More than that, it humbled me. Read the rest of this entry »

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