I was stricken with norovirus (cruise line virus). After being sent to the ship’s hospital, I returned to my room to find myself quarantined. At the height of the virus, in the early hours of the morning, there was Gayook Wong sitting next to my bed rubbing my hand exercising her healing powers over my body.

It was there with Gayook Wong’s assistance that I was able to overcome the virus in 24 hours when most were hospitalized after that time. Thanks to Gayook Wong I had dinner that evening in the main dinning room and I was completely over the Virus.

– Thomas Wisdom –

I’ve always had a shortness of breath, but after just a couple weeks of practicing Qigong with Gayook, I found that I was able to breathe deeper and my energy level increased noticeably. Gayook is a very patient and insightful teacher.

– Blake Gardner –

When I was still pregnant, my back was in such pain I had to crawl up a long flight of stairs. That same afternoon, Gayook came over for a meeting and gave me a healing. Within a short time, I was able to walk. It was amazing! She located the source of my pain, and began the healing process which continued for several days after she left.

After my son was born, he became very colicky and irritable. Gayook came over for another healing and proceeded to work on my baby and myself at the same time. He was sleeping and you could see his body twitch a little as the energy pulsed thru him. That evening he slept for 5 1/2 hours at once almost twice as long as he had ever slept in the past.

This experience was so amazing that I had to learn more. Gayook is a wonderful teacher with deep understanding of Qigong. Just being in her presence is peaceful. I would recommend her teaching to everyone.

– Carrie Stelzer –

I would recommend Gayook as qigong teacher for her gentle and calm approach to this practice.

She is able to meet her students where they are and guide them to experience the power of Qi within themselves.

I have found the practice of qigong to be helpful with insomnia. It has given me some insights on how the energy can be moved around to promote healing and well-being.

Thank you.

– Sophie –

I have learned so much from Gayook’s qigong class and I have gained so many positive results. Intuition is much more a part of my daily life, my stress levels have decreased tremendously and my physical body feels open. I feel more flexible, have more strength and so much more energy. I am now incorporating qigong in my morning practice because of Gayook. I have all sorts of tools, as well. She has educated us on qigong and the physical body and I have some of her handouts hanging on my wall. Gayook has a very gentle approach to teaching and she is extremely patient. I can’t wait for the next class to start up!”

– Lisa Marie Q –