I termed “the forgotten peace” as the joy that is stolen when trauma disrupts your life, as it did mine. Trauma, according to medical intuitive and best-selling author, Caroline Myss, is:

“………….any experience that shatters our capacity to
reason our way through it. And, by reason, I mean
anything that shatters our sense of trust, justice ,or our
feeling that we can protect ourselves from the unknown”.  (Myss, Caroline & James Finley, PhD., CD, Transforming Trauma, Session Six)

Qigong, an ancient Chinese healing exercise, comes from my paternal lineage. It is the 3rd leg of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the other 2 are acupuncture and herbal medicine. Qigong clears the blockages in the meridians, or energy channels, used in acupuncture. When the qi (life force) is activated, it works simultaneously on the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual levels. While all levels need healing, the spiritual is key in the paradigm shift from surviving to thriving. In practicing these exercises daily, one is able to more easily heal from trauma.  My experiences include emotional, physical, sexual, and racial abuse, as well as my family’s midnight escape from the Chinese Communists when I was age 3. Qigong also helped me to manage the rare cancer I came down with almost 7 years ago.

I also used qigong professionally in the mid-’80’s when 90% of my clientele consisted of survivors of child sexual abuse. At that time, there was no formal training for this field, and I soon realized that “talk therapy” stopped short of the total healing process.

My clients became calmer and, simultaneously, were able to open the blockages of repressed memories in a safe environment. Processing followed so that clients could then understand their experiences. The combination of qigong and counseling alleviated and at times eliminated their post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd).

Almost three decades later, clinical research, i.e, Belleruth Naparstek’s Invisible Heroes,  Peter Levine’s Waking The Tiger, and more recently, Bessel Van der Kolk, MD’s The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind & Body in Healing Trauma, validate that complementary methods can heal trauma where conventional regimen often fail. The latter regimen deal with the cognitive brain that is logical and anyalytical. The complementary techniques help the limbic brain – where motivation, emotion and memory reside – to calm down where it was originally activated to provide coping mechanisms for the victim to survive.

Future trauma can result in triggers to the original trauma.

Trauma isolates the survivor as well as their loved ones.

Trauma can cause secondary ptsd with continual exposure to caregivers,  practitioner, family and friends.

My mission is to offer a forum for educating, supporting, and healing trauma so that those afflicted can have a fulfilling life.  To that end, I will:

  • introduce qigong as a viable modality for healing trauma;
  • present information on different types of traumas and their consequences
  • offer individual and group healing sessions
  • offer qigong classes, workshops, seminars
  • provide public lectures on how to heal from trauma

Please join me as we journey to healing and finding the peace that has been forgotten.