Sexual harassment does not adequately describe the pain, the fear, the shame and the anger that survivors go through after this kind of abuse. The perpetrators’ abuse has a wide berth, from jokes, to denigrating a person by gender all the way to rape. The survivor, and I speak from personal experience, is held captive , whether physically or psychologically, and ends up feeling powerless. I ruins a life. Self-esteem plummets – there is none. Not withstanding having to deal with this kind of behavior from someone who holds their livelihood in his hands, the survivors are also forced to defend themselves by those who believe that women are only there for the pleasure of men. And, the healing, if it ever happens, can take a lifetime.

Therefore, kudos to the Fox News women mentioned in the below article as Roger Ailes steps down as CEO of Fox News amidst a sexual harassment scandal. And, even though several women have come forth with similar allegations of sexual harassment, there is an overwhelming majority of male staff to sing his praises. I understand that “innocent until proven guilty” is┬áthe rule, but truthfully I am disgusted by how the male staff members close rank and praise him. I don’t hear any of them supporting the women who are brave enough to take steps to “right a wrong”.

While I am not a fan of Fox News, nor the women who filed these allegations, I admire their courage to stand up for themselves. And, in doing so, they stand up for all women (and men, although statistically, it happens to women more) who have had to live through this heinous abuse of authority.